Dirty Manford Part 2

Yet again Jason Manford is in the news for apparently having cybersex. I think the most shocking thing is, he keeps getting caught. It's like no one's told him about Chat Roulette.

A woman has come forward and sold her story to the papers. She worked as a webcam model getting paid £60 to strip, which apparently does include a privacy fee.

There are some amazing bits in the interview with her in a national newspaper. One bit said:

She told how he was clearly pleasuring himself — and at one stage lowered his webcam to his lap, asking if she was impressed. Stacey — not her real name — said: “I managed not to giggle, and said, ‘Very nice’.”

I should think so. Haven't you heard of a little rule that goes, "The customer is always right"? Watch ITV1's Mr Selfridge and you'll learn a lot.

She said: "He could see me but I couldn’t see who he was. Usually punters are asking me all sorts of weird stuff to get them excited — instead he got turned on by wanting to know what TV I watched and what comedians I liked. "I said, ‘Russell Howard and Jason Manford’. He seemed really pleased by that. He kept asking me questions about Jason — then announced from nowhere, ‘Would you like to f*** Jason Manford?’"

And that proves that he was Jason Manford? Because if so, I'm going to log on to LiveJasmin.com and ask the women if they'd love a three-way with Ant and Dec? I'll ruin their careers.

It continues:

"He told me he WAS Jason Manford. I didn't believe him and laughed. As we carried on messaging each other I looked him up on Wikipedia and began asking questions no one else would know. He answered all correctly without hesitation.

Yes, if you read something about him on Wikipedia there's no way someone pretending to be him could know that, by like, for example, reading it on Wikipedia. Genius.

Then the newspaper says that Manford then pointed his webcam at his todger, and then the paper says:

Section 127 of the Communications Act 2003 makes it an offence to send by means of a public electronic communications network a message or other matter that is grossly offensive or of an indecent, obscene or menacing character.

Yeah, Manford broke the law, tut. Of course, the woman they paid for the story stripped off on webcam every day, but don't worry about that.

And the take home message is that lewd pictures are illegal when Skyped by a bloke on the web, but a topless picture of a woman is just perfect for Page 3 every day.

>Read the source story
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