Britney Spears' Plans After Death

Britney Spears wants to be frozen after her death - so she can be brought back to life later.

That's a great idea. In fact, it's so good, why wait till she's dead?

The idea of being cryogenically frozen is that they will thaw you out in the future when they have found a cure for whatever was just about to kill you. Well, a cure for that and a cure for freezer burn. I have some peas in my freezer that look pretty rough. That's no way to spend the rest of our days.

It also depends on what was just about to kill you. If it was cancer, all well and good. But if it was a high-speed Ford Transit, I'm not sure they'll invent a cure.

In the paper a friend said this: "Brit gets these obsessions and this is the latest. She looked into having her ashes turned into diamonds after she is gone but settled on the chance of getting to live in the future."

Either way she's going to end up iced.

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