Fat Bottom Birds

An obese kookaburra has been given its own personal trainer to get back into shape.

You know we live in a world were abundance is a problem when even the wildlife gets too fat.

A Sydney resident brought the bird to the zoo after spotting dogs chasing it along the ground.

Why did they intervene? Sounds like it needed the exercise.

The native Australian bird got into trouble with its weight when residents at a Sydney park began feeding her meat from the barbecues. The kookaburra's been down at the rehabilitation aviary for a couple of weeks on a special 'lite n'easy' diet designed by the zoo's bird keeper.

It's not the first strange-looking bird to be offered rehab. But the other one said, "No, no, no!"

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Eva Mendes On Being A Sex Symbol

Eva Mendes has said that she likes being a sex symbol.

If I were a sex symbol I'd be the "full stop" sign. (That's the UK version of the jokes. If you're in America it would be the "period", which is much sicker.)

Eva is enjoying being a sex symbol so much she says she doesn't want to start a family yet.

So, she wants to have lots of sex but not get pregnant...

Seems like good advice to me.

Talking about her sex symbol status she said, "I'm proud of it, absolutely, because why not? I can access that side quite easily, and I enjoy it, but certainly how boring if that was all I had to offer."

"The goal is to explore all sides."

Explore all sides? What, like this...

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