SomeNews in Edinburgh 2015 [Ended]

The show has past now, shame you missed it. Find out when the next live show is in the Live Gig section.

The SomeNews Live Show returned to Edinburgh in 2015 with two shows.

SomeNews "Misstakes" - Don't learn from your mistakes, enjoy the mistakes of other. Join Mr Steve N Allen in a look at how people have messed up so badly it made the news. Companies miss-selling, accountants who can't add up and politicians who sext the wrong people, no body is perfect but you'll leave this show feeling slightly more perfect in comparison.

Venue: Bar 50, 50 Blackfriars Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1NE
Price: Free
Show Time: 7:15pm
Dates: August 6-30
Tickets: Book here


 Extra - a nightly show with Mr Steve N Allen, Erich McElroy and guest comedians talking through the news with the help of the audience.  

Venue: Bar 50  50 Blackfriars Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1NE
Price: Free
Show Time: 23:00pm
Dates: August 16-30

The SomeNews show has been toured round many comedy festivals including Brighton, Leicester, Nottingham and Manchester. Here's what the reviewers had to say:

"His improvisation was impressive, topical jokes quick and practised on his tongue. This is a tight, upbeat show that I would recommend going to see." - Broadway Baby

"Allen hits the mark more often than not, with an effusive mix of biting satire and gleeful mud-slinging that recalls Russell Howard by way of Ian Hislop. More than worth a look." ★★★★ - Three Weeks

"Well informed wit." - Latest7

"What was evident here, is the performer is quality, his mockery, and the excellent use of accents combined with clever voice-over interaction; is a performer with masses of talent." - Fringe Review



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