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Written and edited by Mr Steve N Allen, it aims to report on the news, from the big stories to the quirky little items, with an added commentary.

SomeNews comes in many forms...

There's the main website, SomeNews.co.uk where you'll find regular news stories with comments and opinion. It features reviews on the newspapers' front pages and some stories you might otherwise miss.

This site is also available for Kindle users. You can see a screen shot of the Kindle version here.

You can also receive the SomeNews e-newsletter, delivering hand-picked articles from the main site to your email. You can see a screen shot of the SomeNews email version here.

The SomeNews Podcast, available on iTunes, focussing on the main stories with sketches, interview and sometimes a musical number. It also has a section for your letters and a Tweet-In section.

The SomeNews App is the newest way to access the site, with selected articles, access to special videos and a way to stream the podcasts while on the move. It is currently available for Android and Windows phones.

You can see a screen shot of the SomeNews app here.

The SomeNews Live Shows are live stand-up comedy events that have been at comedy festivals like Edinburgh, Manchester and Leicester. More dates are being added.

At some live events the SomeNews Chronicle is being distributed.

If you need to get in touch regarding any content on this site please email info@somenews.co.uk or call 07999 069372 (That number also receives texts and WhatsApps), or 0203 3181410 ext656.

Some articles on this site may be sponsored.


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If you need to get in touch email info@somenews.co.uk. See the About SomeNews page for more info.

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