Toast Is Bad For You

Another week another story telling us a food we enjoy will kill us. This time we were warned off slightly burnt toast and those dark edges on roast potatoes. It seems they contain acrylamide, which is a carcinogen.

This news story was meant to scare us off but it made a lot of people think, “Oh, that acrylamide sounds tasty.”

I had calls on the show from people saying they would rather not live as long than live without nice fluffy roasted spuds. They'd willingly lose a few years off the end of their time and it's not like they'd be the best years like the ones in your twenties when you don't have a bad back.

If you stopped eating everything the news told us was bad for us you'd probably starve. Even Gwyneth Paltrow must have some cake at some point in her life. Doesn't she have birthdays? Is that how she stays so young?

The stories are often contradictory. One week we'll hear that red wine is good for us and the following week it'll kill more people than Smallpox. Here's a tip from me, I only buy my red wine during the weeks it's good for us so I only get the benefits. It's extra effort but my body is worth it.

It wasn't just the toast and spuds that was trying to finish us off, the same chemical can be found in crisps and chips. No! They're saying crisps and chips aren't healthy foods? Who'd have thought?

Pizza was also mentioned. I'm upset about that as I have recently been trying to increase the amount of pizza in my diet. I went to get a health check up and the doctor said I'm carrying too much weight. He recommended I have more of a Mediterranean diet.



Coffee News

Well done, you made it through Blue Monday last month. That was the day of the year said to be the most depressing. It was a week after the day of the year that was said to be the day when the most people start affairs. People start affairs and a week later are feeling down? Maybe they need to pick nicer people to have affairs with.

One of the reasons Blue Monday lands in January is because it's a month of self-imposed deprivation. From Dry January to Veganuary, if something brings enjoyment to your life let's ban it for a month.

And we do this at a time when the nights are cold and dark and a lot of us have tax forms to fill in.

Each year there's a health fad to join. I remember when it was dried goji berries when we all paid over the odds for something resembling a witch's bogey. There was kale last year which is the only thing that can make spinach seem exciting.

Manuka honey was all the rage one year, which is expensive stuff. It hurts when you look at your manuka honey receipt and your self-assessment form and notice you earn less per hour than a bee.

Thankfully 2017 could see the best health fad yet. Research says coffee makes you live longer.

People often to say to me I drink too much coffee. Now I know they want to be die sooner.

Scientists found a link between people who worship the bean, as I do, and staying alive longer but have only just come up with an explanation. There is something in coffee that is an anti-inflammatory, it reduces swelling.

So I will be sure to offer a coffee to the next person who tells me I drink too much, because they're going to need it.



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