Should We Laugh At Kim Jong-un

I have noticed something as I have been performing stand-up in various clubs across the UK. We are starting to feel awkward laughing about Kim Jong-un.

Two years ago we all loved a bit of Kim Jong-un material. There was so much to enjoy. He is a man who forces everyone in the nation he controls to have a picture of him on their walls, like how Tom on MySpace forced you to have him as a friend.

He is referred to as their supreme leader probably because he loved pizza. He certainly has that look.

There was a news story that said he was addicted to cheese and that's why he gained all the weight. That's a hard addiction to break. They do patches. Well, they're Dairylea slices but they work the same.

Since testing a hydrogen bomb people seem to be taking him more seriously but for someone who wants to be taken seriously so much ridicule is one of our weapons against him.

The British spirit is made in part from our humour. During World War II we didn't stop mocking then so why stop now?

And there is much to mock. His official job title is "Chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea". That's like Jacob Rees-Mogg being in charge of a trade union.

The country is called the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, which is a great title apart from the fact it's not democratic, it's not a republic and it doesn't seem to be for the people, but the Korea bit is spot on.

Don't forget all their nuclear bomb tests have happened on their own soil. They have bombed themselves so much we're 7-nil up.

It is true that this story could take some nasty turns but we shouldn't lose our natural urge to mock when we see something deserving.



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