UK PM Attacks A Little Old Lady

What a brilliant news day. The British Prime Minister, while on a trip to Rochdale, called a woman "bigoted".

To be honest, he was in the north, so it was a good guess.

65-year-old Gillian Duffy asked Gordon Brown some questions about immigration and after he got in the car to leave his microphone heard him say, "She was just a bigoted woman."

Oh, come on. How many of us have had a chat with a 65-year-old and NOT thought they were bigoted?

But even the PM admitted he made a mistake. He is meant to be clever and yet he hasn't mastered the cough-insult that we all do when we want to call someone a name. You end the chat, turn and as you cough you say, "Tosser!" Kids of 10 have mastered that, so Gordon should know how to do it by now.

There's a lot of newspaper coverage of this incident. Maybe it was serious enough to damage Labour's chances, maybe it will do good and the other parties will actually talk about the issue of immigration. But there's one bit of the story that no one seems to have noticed. When Gillian was ranting to the PM she said this: "All these eastern Europeans - where are they coming from?"

Erm... Eastern Europe?

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