The SomeNews App

The SomeNews appYou can now get SomeNews on your smartphone, with the free SomeNews App.

The SomeNews App is the newest way to access everything on the site while on the move. There's a selection of news articles, access to special videos and a built-in way to stream the podcasts.

It is currently available for Android and Windows phones. There's a guide to the app below.

If you want to install it, just download the app to your phone and run the file.

Download the Android app | Download the Windows phone app

Or, if you have a QR scanner on your phone, point it at the correct QR code below to download direct to your phone.

How To Use The SomeNews App

(Click on the screenshots to zoom in) The SomeNews app has loads of topical news stories to read through. To refresh just tap the button in the bottom right-hand corner.


Drag up the bottom bar to access the menu.

main3 menu

There, along side the main News Bits, you'll see the podcast section, with all the latest releases and a built-in player. There's also a Vids section.

The SomeNews app pods videos

There's a section with information about Steve N Allen's live stand-up gigs and a form to send in any comments or feedback.


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The SomeNews Live Show
See where the SomeNews Live Show will be next.


If you need to get in touch email info@somenews.co.uk. See the About SomeNews page for more info.

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