Anne Hathaway's Skirt Malfunction

Anne Hathaway had a bit of a problem at the Les Mis premiere recently. She ended up showing off an embarrassing "upskirt" view to anyone who was there.

Shame I wasn't at this premiere. It was in New York but I would've travelled to see her big opening.

Anne lifted up her dress to get out if the limo and accidentally revealed that she had gone commando - a phrase that means I can never watch that Arnie film ever again in the same way.

Anne said: "I was getting out of the car and my dress was so tight that I didn't realise it until I saw all the photographers' flashes. It was devastating. They saw everything. I might as well have lifted up my skirt for them."

As you can see in the picture in this article, I have edited it to make it look like it should've done if she was wearing the right clothing.

I'm never sure why we are so obsessed with upskirt pictures. They're blurry, unflattering and unsexy. There's no way anyone will find the result attractive, and if they do, they could just go to Tesco and look at the vacuum packed plucked chickens and get the same effect.

For such a rude part, it's not a flattering angle. It's like showing a picture of someone's face while they're wearing a crash helmet. It doesn't matter how beautiful that face is, when it's all squidged it looks odd.

And it seems a shame that an upskirt photo gets more press coverage than the film itself, which is apparently very good. So I am going to talk about the film now and not mention Anne getting out of a car.

It's a film version of a classic theatrical piece. It's gripping as soon as the curtains go up.

No, sorry, that was me talking about the car thing again.

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