A Big Hello To Aliens

According to the BBC, the Church of Scientology has carved a message into the desert so that aliens can read it.

While a lot of the newspapers are mocking that today, I think it's a great idea. It's a long shot but if aliens exist and are travelling to see us, they will be able to read really big signs on the Earth.

The Scientologists have apparently put a 22 mile wide "hello". I think they're missing a trick. We could put adverts in the desert. Like all those Eurocar ads when you arrive at an airport. We could advertise goods and services to them.

Hey, they keep saying we're in a global recession. Well, if the whole globe is broke we need outside funding, that's basic economics. This is a great solution.

Or maybe we could use it as a warning sign. Remember, it's the first sign the aliens will see. So, maybe "Beware of The Britney" would be for the best.

But my personal choice, because it would look so sweet, would be a sign that says to the aliens, "Welcome To Earth". And below it, "Please fly carefully through our solar system".

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