Tulisa In Big Bruv Sex Ban

The Daily Star has the headline, "Tulisa in Big Bruv sex ban".

And that's another headline that could mean so many different things. It could mean she's been banned from having sex with her older brother. Well, yeah, that would be a true story because I think we're all banned from that, right?

Or it could mean that she's going on the TV show Big Brother but has been banned from having sex in the house. And so she should be. The last time she was filmed having sex it turned into the least sexy clip the internet has ever seen. But Big Brother is on Channel Five, and they'll show any old sex.

No, this is that Tulisa Contostavlos has banned her ex Justin Edwards from appearing on Celebrity Big Brother. That's a good reason to not have him on the show. That and the fact that he's not a celebrity.

Apparently he was asked to go on the show but he can't because Tulisa went to the High Court and he is now banned from ever talking about the sex tape he uploaded to the internet. Surely he could go on the show and talk about all the other things he's done other that Tulisa, like... erm... he's a DJ, he must know about pressing play and stuff.

So, he says his attempt to rebuild his career has been ruined because Tulisa gagged him. Seems fair. In that video he made her gag often enough.

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