Sacked For Being Too Good Looking

Normally I'm not a fan of good looking people. I remember once tweeting from a comedy gig that good looking people shouldn't be stand up comedians. Being funny is our thing, get your own.

But recent news has made me feel sorry for them. A woman in Iowa, USA, was sacked for being too attractive. The poor thing. In related news, I feel much happier about my job security.

Dental assistant Melissa Nelson was fired by her boss of 10 years because he felt her presence was a threat to his marriage. Ouch. No ones comes out of that looking good. So, Melissa is jobless, the dentist is clearly a cad, and his wife knows she's so ugly her hubby has to avoid looking directly at other women.

She took the case to court on the grounds of gender discrimination. But the state's all-male Supreme Court ruled 7-0 that the dentist was legally within his rights to sack her for being "irresistibly attractive".

We've all heard of the backhanded compliment, where someone says something nice but it's actually an insult - "I love that outfit, it really hides your thighs" - that kind of thing. Well, I think this court case has invented the backhanded insult. "I can't stand to work with her, I can't work with any beautiful women!"

But it's interesting. When a man sacks a woman for being sexually attractive we think it's a terribly small minded abuse of power. But when a new mum refuses to hire anything other than dull-looking middle-aged nannies, we think it's OK. It's all discrimination based on looks.

So what's the moral of the story? We should all remember, attractive people are people too. Thankfully they're mainly dull people, so that's OK.

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