Facebook To Sell... You

Facebook is testing a service that allows strangers to pay to send a message to people who are not their "friends". Oh, just in case they don't make enough money out of selling our Instagram photos.

It seems odd that if you have enough money, you don't need friends. Although that's probably a parallel with real life.

In one of several changes to its filtering system those paying $1 will be able to ensure their messages go to a user's inbox and not their "other" folder. Oh, so many exes are going to find out what their part partners really think of them. I mean in general, not just mine, but I could. I could message every women I've every slept with and tell them what they're missing our on. Best 2 dollars I'll ever spend.

It's another example of Facebook treating its users less like people and more like a commodity to sell. I don't really use Facebook any more. OK, if I could pay a $1 to stop people sending me messages, I might jump back in.

But we're making people rich off the back of selling us. We should gets our beaks wet on this a bit. So if you're a big company with something to sell me, don't spend $1 sending me a Facebook message, send me $0.90 on Paypal, save yourself a bit of money and I'll promise I'll read whatever message you send with it.

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