No New Year Plans?

To quote a conversation I heard in a coffee shop this week...

WOMAN 1: So, 2013.
WOMAN 2: Oh, I'm not looking forward to it.
WOMAN 1: Why's that?
WOMAN 2: Well, it's unlucky.
WOMAN 1: Unlucky?
WOMAN 2: Yeah, 13. I'm very superstitious.

And then picture me sat at the next table pulling faces as I fight the urge to shout, "Even if 13 is unlucky, 2013 is a different number! 13 is prime, 2013 is divisible by 3! Only because it's express in base 10 do you even think it's related. In hex you'd be saying I don't like the year 7dd because d is unlucky. And yes! I know! I should get out more!"

It seems that not that many people are making a big deal about the start of 2013. Over 50% of Brits say they won't be celebrating on New Year's Eve. Why? I always prefer New Year to Christmas, as no one has to pretend that New Year is "all about the kiddies". (Really? If Christmas was actually all about the children we wouldn't spend that much on alcohol.)

Also, 15% say they're not partying to see in the new year to save money. No. It's the wrong attitude. You should go out and celebrate life. On New Year's Even I'm going to party like it's 1999!

Which means I'll spend the night worried that the Y2K bug will kill us all and ruin my VCR.

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