Woman Breastfeeding Mix-Up

Serving red wine with fish, reading out a to do list that turns out to be a shopping list, and using the wrong name during sex. Those are all embarrassing mix ups. But they are as nothing when compared to this one.

A woman in Minnesota breastfed the wrong baby. #Awkward.

Well, at least it was still a baby! It's not like it was only when she noticed the man's moustache tickling her that she realised her mistake.

It wasn't her fault. She was in the Abbott Northwestern Hospital when the staff placed the baby in the wrong crib. She picked up the baby and breastfed it. She must've thought that they all look the same, which is kinda racist.

The newborn's mother said she could not stop crying on the way home from the hospital after she found out her baby had been breastfed by another woman. Basically she had her child wet nursed. People used to pay good money for that and she got it for free. And there's a recession on.

The other mother who was accidentally breastfeeding the baby was also upset as she had to wait before hospital staff found her own child. I think the one to really feel sorry for is the baby. As soon as it reads these stories it'll be in therapy for years.

We've always known that you can't trust hospital food, turns out that's true even if you're a baby.

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