New Year's Honours? On Ya Bike

Bradley Wiggins is now Sir Bradley of Wiggins, or something like that. He is on the New Year Honours list. He said: "I never imagined I'd ever become a knight. It's incredible."

And what I like about this is that he rides a bike. Normally these knighthoods go to entertainers who wouldn't be able to joust to save their lives. But a bike is the modern day version of the horse. All I'm saying is, if Camelot is being invaded, would you rather have Sir Bradley Wiggins or Sir Bruce Forsyth defending you?

So, in 2012 "Wiggo" won the Tour de France, got gold at the Olympics, was named Sports Personality of the Year, and now he gets a knighthood. Good luck doing better in 2013.

Many Olympians were named in the honours list, but some people where upset that Mo Farah only got a CBE, not a knighthood. I think he deserved more. He won two golds but more importantly became the first person ever to beat The Cube on ITV1.

Meanwhile, someone who hasn't been plastered all over the front pages is 92-year-old Captain Roberts who got an MBE for his work breaking German codes in World War II.

Bradley did his work a few months ago, and got a knighthood for winning at the game of "riding a bike". Captain Roberts helped to win a war, had to wait decades and gets an MBE. Hmm. Makes you think if we have our values right.

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