Facebook Bans Elbows

Facebook knows everything about you, right? Wrong. In fact Facebook doesn't know your arse from your elbow. Well, your boob from your elbow.

The social network took down a photo of a woman in a bathtub for being too rude. It thought she was exposing her breasts, but they were her arms. Wow! If they thought her breasts were that long I bet the tailored ads on her page were for cosmetic surgery.

When you stare at the picture for a while (although when I did it we call it 'research') you can see what they mean. The arms look like the breasts and the sore red elbows look like the nipples. This is a trick worth remembering if you're not that top heavy. People will look at you and think, "She has such a great figure. No arms, but hey, nobody's perfect."

The photo was uploaded by a web magazine to test how the social networks terms of service deal with pictures that are misleading. Sure enough the picture was removed without warning. So either they got it wrong or they think elbow fetishists are a big problem on the web.

Recently, Facebook was criticized when moderators blocked pictures of the Israeli bombardment of Gaza, while similar photos of Hamas rocket attacks were still available.

So maybe that's why Facebook blocked the elbows. They don't want them to look bad.

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