Review of 2012 - May

It was in May when we started to get excited about the upcoming Diamond Jubilee. M&S announced that they'd be celebrating the occasion by selling vintage underwear. It was actually vintage style underwear, the pants were really new pants. In that respect I had one up on M&S. But I was wearing my M&S jubilee knickers when I watched the actual ceremony. And when Prince Philip had to be taken to hospital I was ready to wear them at half-mast.

That wasn't till later, in May Philip would causing a different type of headline. While making an official visit the Duke of Edinburgh saw an attractive woman in a red dress with a zip up the front. He said to a police officer, "I would get arrested if I unzipped that dress!" Although the newspaper report didn't tell us the inflection he put on those words. I'd like to think it was, "I would get arrested if I unzipped that dress?"

He was 90. When I'm that old I hope I can still flirt with women. Heck, when I'm that old I hope I can still manage zips.

It was in May that Fran├žois Hollande became the new president of France. He beat Nicolas Sarkozy so he had some pretty small shoes to fill. Small, but with built up heels. Still, we couldn't mock. The UK was in a double-dip recession, which George Osborn blamed on Europe, but figures came out saying Europe had avoided a double-dip. What did we expect? In May we found out that the most talented Brit was in fact a dog called Pudsey.

That was on the TV show Britain's Got Talent, which batted BBC1's The Voice in the ratings. The Voice was so unpopular even the show's judges didn't watch it.

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