Review of 2012 - February

February started rather chilly with the front page headline, "Britain Colder Than Iceland". I assumed that was the Nordic country not the supermarket chain. Although they sell frozen food so it must be pretty cold. And if the UK was colder than the branches of Iceland within the UK they could've saved loads of money by just turning off the freezers.

While the Daily Star teased us with what turned out to be empty promises of Adele's sex tape (A French magazine printed photos from a fake sex tape. Don't worry, they did something much worse to our princess. I mean Kate BTW, not Diana, although...), the Sunday Times said Osama bin Laden wanted his youngest children to move to the West. Then what was all that terrorism lark about? Was he just trying to get the house prices to drop so they will be able to afford a nice place over here? Cunning.

In February, housing became an issue in France when a French health minister said homeless people should not go outdoors during the ice-cold snap. Yeah, stay at home. Great plan. That's like saying anorexics should cheer up with comfort eating and the Fritzl kids should get out more.

And February was a fighting month. Dereck Chisora and David Haye got into a brawl at a press conference. It was a disgraceful act of violence that besmirched the good reputation of beating people up for a living. But the more shocking fight was when MP Eric Joyce punched a Tory in the House of Commons bar. A lot of people think what goes off in the House of Commons is all that "ayes to the right, nos to the left" business. Now it's "eyes to the right, nose to the left", and that's just the other guy's face.

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