Review of 2012 - January

The year didn't start well for bankers, and no one cared. RBS boss Steven Hester was given a £1 million bonus. Some said it was rewarding failure, which is fine by me. If we didn't reward failure I wouldn't be able to make any money out of stand-up. But public pressure got too much and Hester refused to take that bonus. He had to get by on just the £1.2 million basic salary. Yep, we're all in it together. Only some are in it up to their ankles while the rest of us are in it up to our necks.

The Costa Concordia sank and everyone blamed the guy driving the boat at the time. There hadn't been that much hatred for a captain since John Terry. Speaking of racists...

MP Diane Abbott had a bad January after she tweeted saying that "white people love playing divide and rule". Some people said she was being racist, but they forgot, she can't be racist because she isn't white. That same rule made it hard to workout what happened in the Patrice Evra and Luis Suarez incident because neither of them are white.

But here's one for you. What's black and white and red all over? A newspaper... being read by Paul Daniels back in January.

Paul Daniels had chopped off some of his fingers in a saw-related accident. Hardcore. His nose is now really worried that he doesn't have a falling out with his own face. He had the fingers reattached and still has some feeling in them... not a lot... but he has some.

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