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I'm passionate about two things in life, road safety, and donkeys. So when this story came in I paid attention.

500 donkeys in Botswana are to be fitted with glow-in-the-dark ear tags to prevent road accidents. This should be bigger news covered on more news sites. If a country brings in more traffic calming measures and you don't know about it, you'll see the new roundabout and think, "Oh, that's a roundabout." But if they bring in glow-in-the-dark donkeys and you don't know about it, you'll see one and think, "Holy crap! The aliens are invading!"

A tenth of crashes in northern Botswana are caused by the free-roaming animals, as drivers are often unable to see them in time to brake. So what is the obvious solution? Put up fences? Lower speed limits? Nah, glow-in-the-dark donkey ears.

The UK-based Society For The Protection Of Animals Abroad (SPANA) has given funding to the Maun Animal Welfare Society (MAWS) in Botswana to attach reflectors to the donkeys' ears.

That's a risky strategy. If you start putting shiny coloured things on your donkeys, and a Mexican turns up, they'll beat it to death.

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