X Factor Final 2012

We're hours away from the result of X Factor 2012, which means we're slightly more hours away of suddenly not caring who won.

It always happens. All of that hard work to try and win the public vote is quickly followed by the public's disinteresting. The number of people who watch tonight's show will be in the millions, but when ITV tries to show a best bits of the series show next week, suddenly watching those shopping channel at the end of the EPG will seem like a good idea.

That's why it's even more shocking when you see the headline in The Sun: "X Factor reject Christopher Maloney kicked off tonight's final after 'going beserk'."

Apparently Christopher Maloney was dropped from singing on the grand final because he had a tantrum backstage. What is he playing at? He's shouldn't be having a strop. That's Nicole Scherzinger's job. She was fuming after her duet with Jahmene Douglas went wrong. Her mic stopped working, so she just grabbed his. Erm, he's the on in the competition love. Sadly Jahmene missed his chance to sing to her, "Don't cha wish your microphone worked like mine? Don't cha? Don't cha?"

The look on her face after they'd finished singing told you that someone was getting a mobile phone thrown at them later.

Gary Barlow's duet with Chris went OK, and Nicole's second song with James worked too. The act-judge duet was an interesting part of the show, and it made everyone grateful that the groups didn't get through. No one wants to see Louis Walsh on stage with a boy band, especially not his restraining order.

Another reason Christopher should calm down (and I'm not saying that in his accent, in case you think I'm taking the p*ss) is that winning doesn't matter. JLS didn't win but they've done well. Joe McElderry did win and now he's disappeared to the level of myth.

Being in the top three means you'll get your chance to release a song, and winning doesn't mean much to the general public as soon as the next reality TV show starts. So basically what I'm saying is, tonight's TV show is pointless.


(But if you are watching, you can read my equally pointless tweets about the show by following me on Twitter.)


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