When Bum Implants Go Wrong

Christmas is over and now we start to think to the future. New year, new you. Maybe you're thinking of getting some work done. Well let this be a warning to you.

We have recently talked about worrying cases of plastic surgery going wrong, but now the internet has a video of a woman who had buttock implants that didn't go well. Apparently the silicone implant 'flipped inside out'. I hope she wasn't sat on it at the time or she would've been launched across the room.

In the video clip you can hear the woman saying, "This is my implant flipping backwards." That's either her explaining that the operation went wrong, or she's showing off her implant to a cameraman who she thinks is stupid.

She also says: "I don't think an implant's supposed to do that. It shouldn't be able to flip." Not unless you ordered an optional extra. And even then, you'd have to say "Go Go Gadget Bumcake" first.

It looks so odd. It's like she has the padded part of a stool stuck in there. So she has her own built in seat. When there's no where to sit and I'm left standing, I won't be mocking her then.

In some ways I am like Sir Mix-a-lot, I like big butts. But in other ways I am not like him, because I can lie. But even I wouldn't be able to keep a straight face while saying, "No, it looks fine. It's hardly noticeable."

So, this is the Christmas message. If you want to get a bigger bottom, don't risk your life with surgery that could go wrong. Just keep eating chocolate. It's worked for me!

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And you can see the SNA News special on plastic surgery problems here...

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