Paul Daniels Kissed A Girl

TV magician Paul Daniels has admitted that he kissed a schoolgirl. They were sat in a car at the time which explains why he didn't have to bring a box to stand on.

Paul also confessed he is worried that not all of the groupies he slept with at the start of his career were over 16.

Wow. Who in their right mind sees what has been happening with Jimmy Savile and the rest and thinks, "I want in on that action?"

Daniels wrote about this on his blog, but that blog post has since been taken down. Now you see it, now you don't.

Paul said he kissed the "slightly tiddly" hitch-hiking girl back when he was 30. He said, "Thank God it didn't get too passionate, as something she said sent a shiver down my spine. She said she was still at school. I had her out of my car as fast as I could."

Well, maybe she wasn't under-age. Maybe she was just really stupid and had been held back a year a few times. I'm just trying to help.

In the blog Paul says he brought this up after thinking about the Savile situation and he ponders if all the accusers are telling the truth.

Wow. That blog was a really bad idea. Although his cover version of Katy Perry's "I Kissed A Girl" was even worse.

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