Man 'Time Travels' Into A Wall

In case you were worried that a new year might mean the world had improved and wasn't so full of idiots, here we have reassuring proof.

A man in America tried to travel through time, and ended up driving his car into a shopping centre. Just in case you're wondering, he didn't set off from the future and end up there.

He was driving a Dodge Challenger and ploughed through a wall taking out a wall connecting a financial advisers and a coffin-making business. A coffin-making business? He nearly saved himself a trip.

He wasn't injured but was taken to hospital for “evaluation”. I think the results might come back as “knobhead”.

He told police he had been attempting to travel through time before the crash. Here's what I don't get, even if he managed to travel through time, he would've hit that shopping centre, it's been there for years. The best he could have hoped for was a crash into a wall a while back.

I guess the take home message is, if you are going to try time travel, do it by driving towards some new-build housing.

I'm here to help.

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