Man Finds Twin Inside Him

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A man in India went to the hospital with a pain in his stomach only to find it was caused by a member of his family. As is happened, it was his twin. A twin that was growing inside his body.

Wow. That git had been getting free rides on public transport for years.

I'm not sure what type of twin it was, but seeing as the pictures of it show it as a lump of flesh with hair and teeth, I hope it's not an identical twin. If the guy also looks like that he's probably Alan Carr.

Apparently the mini-me had had formed an umbilical cord-like structure inside the man’s abdomen. So he was pregnant with his own twin? Now this is turning into a headline for those weekly women's magazines.

It's a thing called ‘foetus in fetu’, where one foetus enters the other through the umbilical cord, and lives there as a parasite. On the down side it can lead to severe pain, on the up side it means you can get fat and say, “There's a thin person inside me waiting to get out,” and actually mean it.

The surgery was a success and the man will go on to live a long life. And the small lump of teeth and hair? I think Loose Women are looking for a new line up.

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