OAT, Old Age Timebomb

Front page of the Scottish Daily Mail says, "Timebomb of Old Age".

They're saying that the census shows there are now more pensioners in Scotland than children and that puts a strain on their services.

Well, having the other headline of "Blocked arteries: How a wire in your wrist can help," is making the problem worse. You can't moan that people are living too long in one breath and in the next help them live longer. If you're not part of the solution you're part of the problem Scottish Daily Mail.

When faced with the situation of a population made up of more pensioners than kids you have a few options. You either keep schtum about advancements in healthcare, which the Daily Mail would never do, or you have to find a way to make your population start having more babies. And seeing as your population is made up of pensioners, good luck with that.

The newspaper describes the situation like it's a bad thing, but having a country with more old folk than youths could be a blessing. If you see a gang hanging round on a street corner it's less likely to be yobs waiting to mug you and more likely to be a bunch of OAPs trying to remember which way is the way home.

Although you'll still get complaints of noise disturbance, not from young folk partying, but from old neighbours having their telly way too loud. But it'll get turned off as soon as Countdown has finished, so we can put up with that.

All I'm saying is, don't moan that you have more pensioners than young people Scotland, pensioners are people too. OK, they don't have jobs, but neither do young people these days.

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