Can Dogs Drive?

This can't be true, can it? An animal rescue charity in New Zealand is teaching three unwanted dogs how to drive in order to show how clever the animals can be and why they deserve to find new homes.

Hang on. Why would teaching a dog to drive make people want to let them in their home? These dogs have grown up in a care system, and they have the ability to nick your motor. And if those dogs can actually drive, forget trying to find homes for them, I can think of some blind people who would pay to have them.

Three dogs, Monty, Ginny and Porter, spent seven weeks learning 10 or so sequential behaviours that will allow them to start the car, accelerate, change gears and, crucially, steer. Only seven weeks is impressive. I know people who took longer to learn to drive. Of course the people I know wouldn't pull over in traffic to lick their own bits, but still.

The New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, which is behind the initiative, hopes the three dogs will be able to demonstrate their newfound driving skills in a Mini adapted for paws.

I hope they don't take the role reversal too far and have some bloke in the back window nodding his head.

The news article said: "Animal trainer Mark Vette said the dogs had already picked up some bad driving habits."

And that's where I stop believing it. He's called Mr Vette, and he works with animals? It seems too much of a coincidence. So, dogs can drive cars? Yeah right, and pigs might fly.

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