X Factor Sex Ban 2012

X Factor is drawing to a close, which will please many people; fans of real music, Twitter users who can't get a word in for over an hour every Saturday and Sunday night, and now the contestants. Yes, there's reason to think that the people in the show are looking forward to it finishing. The bosses of the TV show have instituted a "sex ban" on the contestants, according to today's papers.

They do that every year. Why? If not having lots of sex was linked to doing well in your career I wouldn't be writing this on my own website right now.

Apparently the tipping point was when four semi-finalists, James Arthur, Chris Maloney and two members of Union J, tried to take lovers to their hotel rooms on the same night. Hopefully not the same room. Unless you were Chris Maloney's date, when that could be a trade up. When they tried to sneak them up to their rooms at 3am, security guards turned each one of them away. It's thought that the show's bosses are trying to avoid a sex scandal. And yet they employ Tulisa. Her online clip is now the second most viewed embarrassing clip featuring a bellend.*

James Arthur and the 0.5 of Union J boys gave up, but Chris apparently refused to be beaten and disappeared off into a private room with his date.

Eugh. The thought of him having sex isn't a great one. As we know from the show, he cries even when he does well, so we all know how that sex will end.

* Number 1 is Gangnam Style of course.

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