Review of 2012 - March

In March we saw some Olympic-related news stories start to creep into the news agenda, (Rebecca Adlington said she's too scared to swim in the sea. But the long jumpers are probably afraid of the desert, so that's fair.) but one story shocked us into getting fitter. Research said eating red meat increases your risk of dying by 12%. I thought the odds of dying were already 100% unless these vegetarians are immortal, which explains why Sir Paul McCartney just won't quit.

Also in March the Express told us that water bills were set to soar because of the water shortage, while the Daily Mail told us that the Government planned to use water cannon on rioters in the UK. A self-solving problem. If you were upset at the price you had to pay for water, go on a protest and they'd give it you for free.

Water wasn't the only thing getting more expensive. George Osborne put VAT on pasties. He should've known that was a bad move, snack food is already expensive. Later in the year we found out that he, himself, couldn't afford to buy a train ticket after he'd been to the buffet cart. Osborne then pointed out that you only pay VAT on hot pasties, if it's cold it's not VATable. If that's true of all foods it explains why you have to wait so long in a Harvester.

The the extra 20% of your Greggs still wasn't the most costly meal you could buy. It was embarrassment for the Tories after Peter Cruddas was filmed offering dinner with David Cameron for £250,000. And embarrassment for the Lib Dens, because Nick Clegg paid it.

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