iPhone or Breathalyser

A German man attempted to make a call with a breathalyser after mistaking it for an iPhone.

That's got to be the point where you give in. When you think the breathalyser is a phone, or you if you think the officer is a stripper. Or if you think the flashing blue light means you're still in the nightclubs. Any of those should indicate you get ready for jail.

41-year-old Bernhard Becker tried to contact his lawyer on the machine (irony!) when he was stopped for a random drug test in Coburg. He was subsequently arrested for drink driving when he failed to provide a sample. Well, I can't go when I know someone's watching either.

A police spokesperson said: "We didn't really need the reading. There aren't many sober people who'd do that." That's fair enough. Everyone knows what an iPhone looks like. Even if you down own one, you'll know some git who's way too proud of their and who won't get it out of your face.

And there are some obvious differences between and iPhone and a breathalyser. For a start, the breathalyser's battery will last more than 2 hours. And the breathalyser probably still fits all the connectors that came with it.

The police said: "He thought it was an iPhone, and was trying to bring up the icons on the display, and despite explaining to him that it was a breathalyser he was unable to provide a proper sample."

He's probably going to jail and that's fair enough, but he's also struck upon a great idea. Someone should invent an iPhone that works like a breathalyser. You would blow on it and it would work out if you're drunk or not.

Now, the iPhone breathalyser app wouldn't actually be able to stop you driving or drinking any more, but it could stop you sending texts to your ex. That'd be worth every penny.

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