I'm A Celebrity... Don't Kill Me

Helen Flanagan says she's worried about returning to the UK after being on the TV show I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here. She's worried that there'll be a hate mob waiting to get her.

Seriously, don't worry. It's reality TV, we've already forgotten you. It's how it works. As soon as they announced the winner of Big Brother no one cared who won, unless it was since it moved to Channel 5, when no one cared before it even started.

She's worried that people over here will hate her because of her "spoilt brat" attitudes. The only person who hated you for that was Eric Bristow, and I think you can outrun him.

Helen apparently said: "How can I be hated? I didn't do anything bad." You won't be hated, you didn't do anything bad, but also, you didn't do anything. All you'll suffer is a slight drop in people's estimations of you.

When she was in the jungle she admitted that she'd never washed her own towels. That made people think she must live a pampered and privileged life. But I like to remember that being spoiled is only one of three possibly reasons that she doesn't wash her towels. Maybe she is doing so well on the TV show she just buys new towels all the time. Although if she was doing that well would she have gone on I'm A Celebrity?

But that still leaves one more. Maybe she just stinks. Maybe she has never washed her towels because she doesn't mind smelling like a musty old tramp's crotch.

And anyone who was jealous of her before suddenly feels much better.

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