Cheryl's Red-Hot Xmas Sex Video

And today's misleading Daily Star headline is: "Cheryl's Red-Hot Xmas Sex Video".

It reads like a sex tape of Cheryl has ended up on the internet, probably after someone bought her an iPad and she pressed all the wrong buttons at just the wrong time.

Or maybe it means someone bought her a sex tape for Xmas. Maybe she did a secret Santa with Tulisa.

But no, it was just that Cheryl tweeted a link to a new music video of her and lover Tre Holloway. It showed them getting all rude in a variety of raunchy poses to the sound of Cheryl's track Ghetto Baby.

That's the interesting point. Newspapers (and the rest of us) get all excited about a celebrity sex tape, but they're often less rude than the music videos the same celebrities pay to film. I've learned more from Rihanna's videos than I ever picked up read the Kama Sutra.

In fact the only difference between real sex a music video is the duration – a music video lasts for around 4 minutes. And real sex? I should be so lucky.

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