David Cameron's Crank Call

A hoax caller was put through to David Cameron's official mobile phone after claiming to be the director of GCHQ. What a great hoax. I bet that was loads of fun. Unless you got David Cameron to ask around the cabinet table if there was an MP by the name 'Seymour Cutts' you were wasting your time.

The PM ended the call when it became clear it was a wind up. The clues were there. Why would GCHQ call you to find something out when they could just listen to your calls? Hmm, fishy.

It's said that no sensitive information was disclosed. No, if you want sensitive information from a Tory on his phone you could've been messaging Brooks Newmark. Of course no sensitive info was given out, we all know not to do that. When the bank call me and ask for some details to confirm it's me so they can go on to sell me things I am more than willing to let them go on thinking I might be someone else. It's like a time share salesman being behind a bouncer – I'm keeping my trainers on thanks.

It's like when America's security agency had their Twitter hacked and released a statement saying no sensitive information was taken. Of course not. Duh! I'm not security expert but I'd imagine day one on the training course is "don't tweet government secrets".

I'm more surprised that they have managed to keep Cameron's mobile number such a secret. I have never given my number out and yet I get calls all the time about PPI. And someone keeps texting my telling my there's money waiting for me from the accident I had in the last 5 years. It must've been a very bad accident as I have no memory of it at all. Wow. I'm lucky to be alive.


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