Poop Traces Found In KFC

When I first read that faecal bacteria was found in a KFC branch I thought, “Oh no, I hope that's not their secret spice.” If that were the case half of me would be disgusted but the other half happy that I could make my own at home.

It turns out that the high levels of bacteria from faeces was found in the ice that was served with the drinks. That's almost more shocking than if it were on the chicken. At least a chicken used to poo when it was alive, ice cubes don't. That means to get the poop into the ice cubes someone has to put it there. Who's adding poo to ice cubes? Unless it's part of the freezing process. You know, like when you find out that blood is used to filter red wine. That must've been an odd brainstorming session.

MAN1: We still seem to struggling filtering the wine. Any ideas?
MAN2: Well, have you tried using blood?
MAN1: Damn it, man, you always suggest that. Last week we were trying to fix the squeaky hinge on the door and you suggested blood. What's wrong with you, Mr Dracula?

In a statement, KFC said it was undertaking "a retraining programme with all team members". Who's saying, “Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realise I shouldn't put shit in the ice cubes because I hadn't been on the Don't Shit In The Ice Cubes course”?

It was undercover investigators for BBC's Rip Off Britain that found the contaminated ice while and it's thought it was caused by contaminated water.

For the sake of balance I should point out that while this is a gross story for us humans, somewhere in a fly and insect newspaper they're going with...

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