The Flight To Austria

It's SomeNews on tour. The stand-up show is off to Vienna and Budapest and as we all know, what happens on tour stays on tour, and that means if the shows don’t go well no one will mention it here.

As a preamble to the live shows here in central Europe, to the coverage of the Austrian election on this site and also to an item about plane seat sizes that will be on BBC Radio Kent on Thursday morning (8:15am to 8:20am) this is a summary of the flight to get here via the medium of Twitter.

I arrived at the airport 2 hours before my flight which was then delayed by 2 hours. I took it all in good spirits till I finally sat in my seat. I was sat next to a man who was already in more of my seat than I was (there's an artist's impression on the right). I thought he’d budge up a little but no, he simply seemed annoyed that I sat there, on a full plane.

That’s where we pick up the story.



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