The Travel Ban

This week on the radio show we have been asking the question, is it right to curtail someone's ability to travel simply because of where they are from? But for those people who have to use Southern Rail, what can they do?

Other than that, the news has been filled with the international story of Donald Trump's travel ban. Not that he calls it a ban, he calls it "extreme vetting", which sounds like one of those sports you can do in New Zealand. You'll see pictures on your friend's Facebook showing them bungee jumping while examining a cow.

People on social media had their say including Kim Kardashian who disagreed with the President. I saw some Trump supporters tell Kim to butt out because she was "just a rich, reality TV star who only got where they are because of daddy". And Trump supporters hate that?

There were protests outside the White House and when I saw the pictures of it I thought, "So he can pull a big crowd when he really tries."

I'm not sure why people were so surprised, he said he was going to do this. He said he was going to build a wall too and people were shocked when he started to get the border measured up. He's simply doing the things he promised on the campaign trail. The guy he said he wanted to punch had better be ready for a little tiny fist-shaped bruise.

There were protests in London too trying to get the Government to cancel his state visit. The placards they held up said things like, "Not today Cheeto," and "Not my tangerine dream." He might have his ability to travel curtailed and people judge him because of the colour of he skin. Interesting times.



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