Finders Keepers

Finders keepers losers weepers. They used to be the full extent of my legal knowledge. There was a story in the news that the well known saying isn't legally binding. But it rhymes and I thought that made it law.

A woman was found guilty of theft after picking up a £20 note she found in a shop. She didn't hand it in to the cashier, she kept it. In the old days that would have been the end of that story but now with CCTV is everywhere they tracked down the person who lost the cash, tracked down the lady who found the cash and prosecuted her for theft.

If that is the law of the land why aren't people with metal detectors considered the biggest criminal gang?

When you ask people if they would hand in money they have found they all say yes but I am not so sure. Some people would think it is fate saying, “Get yourself something nice.”

I know I would hand in a big bag of money if I found that in the street but that’s because I worry bunch of criminals would be after me, because I get most of my education from films. I know that if I was given the wrong change in a shop and I didn’t realise till I was half way down the street I probably wouldn’t go back, and somewhere between those two is my moral line.

To hand in or not hand in? That has been playing on my mind for days. I finally realised I might belong to a third group. If I found some money on the floor I wouldn’t hand it in, I wouldn’t keep it, but I would probably pretend I hadn’t seen it because knowing my luck some prankster has glued it to the floor.


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