Lasted Another Year - Paperback

You can now get the latest book from Steve N Allen in paperback, good news to anyone who really likes using paper.

The compilation of recent writings that were put together in the eBook "Lasted Another Year" is now available actually printed onto actual paper.

While you can get the eBook for 99p the paperback is going for £2.99 but you can get free delivery, which is worth something when they actually have to send you a copy, unlike the internet version where you get some 0s and 1s.

Following the success of the eBook, which saw it get to number 28 in a small chart that measures a subset of the books online, something like "political > humour > books by blokes called Steve", but top 30 is top 30, whichever way you look at it.

So, if you fancy having some Steve on your book shelf you can get it now, Lasted Another Year, to keep till it becomes a collectors item, probably after Steve does a crime and becomes infamous. A wise investment in the current economic climate.

Head to Amazon where the book is ready to order.



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