Tory Leadership Race – Update

What a time to be looking at politics. Boris Johnson hasn’t caused such an angry race since probably some comment he made in the Telegraph years ago.

Already the daggers our out for anyone who might do well. There’s an anti-Rishi ‘mucky memo’ being sent round Tory WhatsApp groups. In it they call Rishi Sunak a “schoolboy” and a “liar”. Oh, you wouldn’t want someone with a track record of lying to be PM. What a culture shock.

It also says, “There is nothing Conservative about the ‘Big Tax and Big Spend’ agenda of Rishi Sunak”. His track record on spending may have been slightly skewed by some sort of bug that went round.

It’s interesting to see how the Conservative Party works. We always knew the front-runner never wins the leadership and now we’re seeing why. As soon as someone stands out they’re brought down.

What’s great is that all of this name calling and attacking is done on Whatsapp like they’re teenagers doing some cyber bullying.

Meanwhile Nadhim Zahawi is being investigated over tax issues. The National Crime Agency investigated Nadhim Zahawi’s finances in 2020, and are understood to have now passed information to HM Revenue and Customs. The taxman investigating the chancellor. It’s not a good luck.

As soon as we talk about offshore tax someone will say, “It’s not his fault if he uses a loophole. If you have a problem with it, close the loophole.” Brill, who do we have to convince to close loopholes? Oh, the Chancellor who loves a loophole.

He is the second richest Tory MP, after Rishi, and the Times says, “Who better to place in charge of the nation’s finances than the second-richest MP?” Not if he got that rich through fraud and dodgy tax like he’s Neo in The Matrix.

As other candidates start to do well more information will be released about them, no doubt. It’s a great system to make sure the only one who survives and becomes leader is the most slippery politician out there.

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