UK & US - 2 Countries Separated by Turkeys

It saddens me when other countries have a more progressive attitude to disease.

Over here the first ever case of MRSA was found in turkeys. I don't know how it got it. I assume the standard of cleanliness in turkey hospitals has gone downhill. (Damn you George Osborne!) What is the UK response to their suffering? "Burn them! Burn the witches!"

Well, the actual advice was "make sure the meat is cooked properly" but that's pretty much the same thing.

Meanwhile in America, it's that time of year again when the President pardoned a turkey, sparing it from forming part of someone's Thanksgiving meal. This is a country that in some states still kills humans with their death penalty but the President uses his powers to spare a bird. That's got to annoy you if you're on death row.

This time they ran it slightly differently from the age-old tradition. They held a competition where people could vote to save one of two turkeys, Popcorn or Caramel. Popcorn won, thereby showing that sadly racism is still an issue in America.

Don't worry, in the end both Popcorn and Caramel were spared, because Obama is clearly abusing his presidential privileges. Both bird will go on to lead a rich full life. Unless they get treated in a UK turkey hospital that is.

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