Dirty Side of Vacuum Cleaner Ban

Not long till the European law comes in to ban vacuum cleaners over 1,600 watts. They are banning more powerful vacuums in a bid to save the planet. With a weaker vacuum you don't use as much electricity, mainly because you realise it can't suck up most of the dirty and you give in and live like a student. There is a theory that you spend longer vacuuming with a weaker machine therefore increasing the about of energy used but so far no one has tested that theory because I just thought of it just then.

Either way, will the ban on powerful Hoovers really make a difference? Not really. People will still use powerful vacuum cleaners, this ban will just push the trade underground. Instead of buying your 1,600W cleaner from a licensed dealer people will have to seek out an illegal one. That's a slippery slope because these dodgy dealers don't have any care about your cleaning needs. They'll start you off on a 1,600W but then they'll tempt you with a 2kW, maybe a 2.5kW. The next thing you know you're selling your body for something industrial strength.

And it's not just the end users who could suffer from this illegal trade in high-powered cleaners. The environment will be damaged by all the unregulated cleaning and spare a thought for the poor mule who has to shove a Henry Hoover up nature's pocket to get it into the UK.

Passing a vacuum that way can leave quite a mess. The kind of mess you can't clear up with a poxy 900W Hoover. You have been warned.

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