Celebrity Big Brother - The Start

Ah, Celebrity Big Brother is back again. Just when you had forgotten about it, it pops back up to annoy you in the summer – just like thrush.

This year the newspapers were saying it's “set to be the most X rated ever... it includes three porn stars.”

Don't they make that claim every year? When it started there were no porn stars in it, now we're up to three. By 2019 it'll just be a TV show where porn stars live in a house for a month. In fact, the porn stars would be so used to be on webcams going in the BB house would just mean they could keep their clothes on for longer. Celebrity Big Brother would turn into a TV show where you watch porn stars get dressed. Which is what you can see if you watch porn backwards. (Yes, you're right, I do have too much spare time.)

They always have someone in the house who has done a sex tape. How does that make you a celebrity? When I did it all I got was banned from Curries. Well, I didn't want to have to buy the camera. Anyway, we'll see what happens this year. So far one of the porn stars (Tila Tequila) has been thrown out of the Big Brother house because she once dressed in a Nazi uniform. People were disgusted. And there are unconfirmed reports that Max Mosley has asked for her number.


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