UK To Take US Back?

A frustrated American wrote to the Queen and asked her to take back the USA after becoming fed up with the behaviour of the republican presidential candidates.

While I can see his point, and I'm sure we'd love to back the back tax we're owed, no. No, we can't take it back. You really should return something the way you found it. You can't have something when the going is good and then hand it back when you don't want it any more. Donald Trump is your problem not ours. I say, "Not ours," but he own a chunk of Scotland but it's only a matter of time before that's not a UK issue either.

The person who wrote this letter got a royal reply. It wasn't from the Queen herself, it was on her behalf. I don't think the Queen is allowed to do her own post because of the stamps. You should never let a monarch be in a situation where someone could say, "I walked in to find the Queen licking herself."

The reply he got read: 'Whilst your views have been noted, you will appreciate, I am sure, that there can be no question of The Queen intervening in the affairs of another Sovereign state.'

If he wanted that he should have written to Russia.

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