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At many radio stations I have worked at you hear stories of how the “big names” were fired. The general convention is that you don't know it's your last show while you're doing it. You get off air, get called into a meeting and fired. They do this so you don't take to the airwaves knowing you have nothing to lose and tell an awful lot of truths to the listeners.

Don't feel too bad for the DJ, there's an upside. The station has to pay you for the radio shows you have left on your contract whether you do them or not. I've heard stories of presenters who got their wage for months while they sat at home complaining.

When I was let go from a station in Wiltshire the boss said, “We won't take you off air, we know you're trustworthy and won't saying anything you shouldn't.” No! Please don't have trust in me, I want the free money we heard about.

So it's odd that as David Cameron leaves his job he's still allowed to do some of the work. He made his resignation honours list. It didn't take him long, by the look of it he just copy and pasted his Christmas card list.

In business they don't let you back to your desk when you leave in case you take the client list and set up your own firm. If David Cameron starts his own private country soon you'll know why. It'll be near Panama, so he can visit his money.

Should an ex-PM dish out honours when he doesn't have to worry about looking bad? No, I think this is terrible.

Steve's presents the afternoon show on Time 107.5 and as you can tell didn't get a mention in the latest honours list.



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