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Another year draws to an end. I don't know what I'm surprised, I should've seen it coming. It was even printed in the calendar and everything.

Be it on the radio show, the podcasts you can still find online or in this column we've covered lots this year.

In January we looked at the plans for another Thames crossing which would require a new junction on the M25 between j29 and j30. The main issue was there isn't a number between 29 and 30. I still worry it'll end up like Platform 9¾ at Kings Cross.

In June we heard that paracetamol not only lessens pain it also numbs the area of the brain that is responsible for empathy, which made us wonder, just how many tables was Iain Duncan Smith on?

West Ham moved grounds around the same time I was moving home. I was shocked by the amount of stuff I'd collected and I hadn't been there for 112 years like they had, so they must've hired a van.

The Olympics inspired me to start running again. In my mind I looked like the athletes in Rio while running but anyone who saw me thought, “Looks like there's a sale on in the cake shop.”

MP Stephen Metcalfe suggested people who are delayed at the Dartford Crossing shouldn't have to pay the toll. YES! If I wanted to waste hours of my life and pay for it I’d go to see a Kevin Costner film.

And we got a new five-pound note just in time for the pound to take a dive after Brexit. Everything is more expensive. I went to use the public toilets and it cost 30p to spend a penny now. I nearly did myself a mischief trying to get my money's worth.

Here's to 2017. Have a good one.



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