The Cost of the Office

January is a time when you may need a little help with the bank balance, you haven't been paid all year. So you'll be pleased to know this week I have a money-saving tip for you.

New research has shown that working in an office costs us all more than £1,000 a year in collections. Across a working life that's around £40,000, enough for a deposit on a house, or if you moved to the North, the whole street.

They money goes on things like whip-rounds. Someone will come round with a card for someone's birthday. As part of my job involves stand-up comedy they expect I'll write something funny in the card. I can't handle that pressure, put in extra money instead and realise that's two northern streets I could've bought.

Someone will be cycling to Lands' End for some good cause, so that's extra money. And, as I have learned, if you offer to pay more if they do it as a one-way trip, they get all moody.

The tea collection and the biscuit fund can be annoying but at least you get tea and biscuits out of it. The collections for someone's wedding cost us on average £47.04 and they don't like it if you invite yourself along.

£43.92 goes on collections for new babies and that's a double hit because then you know at some point a day's work will be interrupted by someone bringing their newborn in.

We spend £49.68 on "comfort items" including antibacterial wipes, which we have to as people keep bringing their snotting babies near our desks.

So, if you want to save money this year, quit your job, and you'll save around £1,000.

Yes, you will also lose your salary but think of the extra money you'll get in your leaving do whip-round.



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