365 BBQs

Congratulations to Mat Hartley who has completed his mission to have a barbecue everyday for 365 days in London. He did it for charity raising money to save rhinos.

He may have picked the wrong cause. After eating carcinogens for a whole year you should've given that money to help cure cancer.

And there's nothing like trying to save an animal by cooking so many other dead animals. If he keeps this up the majestic rhino will no longer be endangered but pigs will be.

He's originally from South Africa but now lives in London. I don't know if he moved here before he took on the challenge but that would explain why he thought we'd have barbecue weather.

But well done to him, he's raised £7,000.
In 365 barbecues.
That's £19.17 per barbecue.
And Richmond Irish Recipe Thick Sausages are £4.50 a pack.
Sainsbury's Beef Ribeye Steak is about £9.
Charcoal Briquettes are £6 a bag.
That's £19.50 already without salads, dressing and sauces.
Basically, I think the rhinos owe you money Mat.

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