That's Harsh, Man

Jodie Marsh has been called some things in her time, often by people like Jordan in a "That kettle is black, says pot" shocker, but now she's been called something really offensive - someone called her a man.

Online fashion retailer ASOS were asked by a customer to use pictures of models who have the shape of a man and they posted a picture of poor Jodie. Not only is it rude it's also way off. As a man I can tell you she does not have the shape of a man. Her boobs are too small and she has some sort of strange lumpy thing on her stomach forming some kind of pack of 6 muscles. A quick check tells me a man has a one-pack down there, like a family bag of crisps.

She said she was "in tears" after the official Twitter page of the fashion website compared her muscle-bound physique to a man's. More proof that she's not a man. We don't cry at something as trivial as a diss on a Twitter feed or the birth of a child, we save crying for important moments like when your football team gets relegated.

It's not a good strategy for an online clothes retailer to make a potential customer feel bad about the shape of her body. They should do that using dressing room mirrors like every other shop.

Half hour after Jodie complained ASOS apologised saying: "You're right, we should never have tweeted that. We never meant to hurt your feelings and we're really sorry." But the damage was done, there were headlines saying,

"ASOS says Jodie Marsh is a man!"

And the problem with that is at a glance ASOS and ATOS look roughly the same. The first time I saw the story I thought Jodie Marsh had been declared fit for work as a bloke.

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